Facts About Types Of Apple Watches That Will Make You Think Twice.

Apple has just launched its latest smart watch in early September, the Apple Watch Series 3 or we will briefly be the Apple Watch S3 in this discussion. The new wearable device made by Apple is only available with GPS or GPS and cellular models, which are basically the same as the Apple Watch Series 1 or S1 and the first Apple Watch released in April 2015. Likewise, Series 2 or S2 released in September 2016 yesterday. So what distinguishes the 4th series from the Apple Watch? The following is a comparison.

The design

Apple Watch (2015) and S1: Splash proof, composite back, 450nits OLED Retina display, Ion-X glass for screen protection.

Series 2 and Series 3 (GPS): Waterproof, composite back, 1000nits OLED Retina display, Ion-X glass for screen protection or sapphire on stainless steel and ceramic models.

Series 3 (GPS & Cellular): Waterproof, ceramic back, 1000nits OLED Retina display, Ion-X glass for screen protection on aluminum or sapphire on stainless steel and ceramic models.

In general, the rectangular strap design in all Apple Swatches is the same, and mutually compatible. Apple Watch (2015) has a solid rectangular body with Digital Crown and separate buttons on the right, speakers and microphone on the left. While the heart rate monitor is positioned at the bottom of the watch body, along with the release button to replace the strap and the OLED Retina screen is on top. While the Apple Watch S1, which replaces the original model, is the same as the original regarding design. Nothing has changed. Still, resistant to the splashes of water, it still has Ion-X glass and offers the same functionality as the first Apple Watch as well as the Apple Watch S2 launched still with the same design, which means all the ropes are compatible.

types of apple watches

But there are some differences compared to S1 and Apple Watch (2015), namely the waterproofed feature is stronger at 50 meters water depth and the body becomes thicker and equipped with a more durable battery. In addition, the Retina OLED display on the Apple Watch S2 is twice as bright as the S1 and Apple Watch (2015) at 1000 nits and the Ion-X glass to protect the screen is presented with stainless steel and ceramic models.

While the latest Apple Watch, S3 although still with the same design, and the same strap mechanism as the previous model, there is a red to Crown Digital accent of GPS and Cellular models. In addition, the S3 is also waterproof, and the second generation OLED Retina display with Force Touch is the same as its predecessors. The S3 model with GPS only has Ion-X glass on the screen and composite back like the S1 model, while the S3 model with GPS and Cellular has the Ion-X glass on the aluminum case, and Sapphire crystal models on the stainless steel and ceramic models, as well as the ceramic back.

Model (38 mm and 42 mm size options)

Series 1 or S1: Apple Watch aluminum standard model with Sport Band

Series 3 (GPS only): Standard Apple Watch model or Nike + model

Series 3 (GPS & Cellular): Standard aluminum, or stainless steel models, Nike + models, Hermes models, Edition models

When Apple Watch (2015) was launched, the case was available in aluminum, stainless steel and special materials including gold, all of which were available in two sizes of 38 mm and 42 mm. Then comes the Series 1 or S1 with the same size selection, but this model only comes in an aluminum case option with a Sport Band. Of course, you can buy a separate strap, but you won’t be able to get an Apple Watch S1 for stainless steel or other special materials.

Apple Watch S2 has also been replaced with S3, as mentioned above. Apple Watch S3 comes in the same size choice again, and also a choice of GPS or GPS and Cellular. But the GPS model only comes in a standard model with aluminum material and Sport Band, or Nike + model with aluminum and Nike Sport Band. The GPS and Cellular Apple Watch S3 models come in five choices, standard models with aluminum and Sport Band or Sport Loop, standard models with stainless steel cases and Sport Band or Milan’s Loop straps, Nike + models with aluminum and Nike Sport Band or a band The Nike Sport Loop, the Hermes model with stainless steel, and the Hermes leather strap along with the Sport Band are also included, or the Watch Edition model with ceramics, and the Sport Band.

types of apple watches


Apple Watch (2015):

S1 processor, HR, accelerometer, gyroscope, ambient light sensor, splashproof

S1: S1P processor, HR, accelerometer, gyroscope, ambient light sensor, 8 GB capacity, splashproof

S2: S2 processor, HR, accelerometer, gyroscope, ambient light sensor, built-in GPS 8 GB capacity, waterproof

S3 (GPS): S3 processor, W2 wireless chip, HR, accelerometer, gyroscope, barometric altimeter, ambient light sensor, built-in GPS, 8 GB capacity, waterproof, Siri speaks

S3 (GPS & Cellular): S3 processor, W2 wireless chip, HR, accelerometer, gyroscope, barometric altimeter, ambient light sensor, built-in GPS, 16 GB capacity, waterproof, LTE connectivity, Siri speaks

Apple Watch S1 and Apple Watch (2015) are identical in terms of hardware, except the processor. This wearable S1 device has an upgraded dual-core processor called S1P, while the original model has an S1 processor. Both of these models have Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi 802.11 / b / g / n, 2.4Ghz, heart rate sensors as we mentioned, accelerometer and gyroscope. They also have ambient light sensors and are splashed resistant but not waterproof. The built-in lithium-ion battery is under the hood of both with a lifespan of up to 18 hours, while the storage capacity on the Apple Watch S1 is 8 GB.

While the Apple Watch S2 offers the same hardware as S1 when using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, various sensors and storage, but from the battery side it is about 30 percent larger. The Series 2 also adds a different dual-core processor, S2, a chip that allows built-in GPS, combined with waterproofing and brighter display to make a significant difference between S2 and its predecessor, S1.

While the Apple Watch S3 is getting better in terms of hardware, which has all the same specifications as the Series 2 but adds a barometric altimeter, along with an even faster dual-core processor, S3, and Apple’s wireless chip called W2. Both GPS and GPS, and Cellular models even offer Siri live services from watches rather than transferring them to iPhone devices. However, the GPS model only has 8 GB of storage such as S1 and S2, while the GPS and Cellular models have 16 GB of storage, while also offering LTE connectivity, which means you can make and receive calls and text messages and perform all tasks on this wearable if iPhone is not in range the user.

types of apple watches


All series of Apple Watch devices have been running Watch OS 4 from September 19 yesterday. The user experience of all series will be the same, but there are additional features on the Apple Watch S3, including enhanced heart rate monitoring features, both resting heart rate, and recovery heart rate tracking when it starts to be set, and there is also a new high-intensity section feature in the training application, tracking tracker for improved swimming (only S2 and S3 only), improved music and Siri faces. Additionally, there are special LTE features for the S3 GPS & Cellular.


Apple Watch (2015): considered a failure because it was no longer in production

S1: around £ 249

S2: –

S3 (GPS): around 329 pounds

S3 (GPS & Cellular): around £ 399

Apple Watch (2015) and Apple Watch S2 are no longer available for purchase, although you might find them sites like Amazon. Apple Watch S1 is the cheapest wearable tool to get Apple’s smartwatch through Apple itself, with prices starting at £249. While the Apple Watch S3 with GPS is only worth £329 for standard models and Nike + models. The Apple Watch S3 with GPS and Cellular starts from £399 for standard or Nike + models, and can also cost £1199 for Hermes models and £1299 for ceramic Watch Edition models.

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