Facts About Gyms With Indoor Pool Everyone Should Know

The word “Gymnastic” comes from Ancient Greek, which means a good tool for training young people physically and intellectually.

In this gymnasium, young people are trained physically to install a sense of discipline and sportsmanship in competing sports competitions. For some people whose name is gymnasium, what comes to mind is a room filled with muscular humans who are exercising their muscles with ‘body building’ equipment that is completely modern and accompanied by instructors who are also athletic bodies.

In fact, the Gym in a broader sense has a meaning of space or sport hall. In short, Gym is a place for those who want to refresh their body by doing exercise, which can stretch the body, tighten muscles and make the body become muscular.

Along with the increasingly complex types of sports activities, Gym is now a further understanding as a medium that offers a variety of solutions, ranging from health consultations, the selection of the right sport also tries to overcome the problem of body shape.

Those who take part in various activities at this gymnastic do have diverse goals.

1. Start slowly

”When you just start a gym, don’t do it right away Five days a week, it could be ‘catastrophic’ for you,” said John Higgins, MD, director of Exercise Physiology. It would be better if you do it in stages every few days. The recommendations issued by experts, now, are to do it 2-3 days per week, at least 30 minutes per day. But for you beginners, you can do it 1-2 days per week, “said Dr. Higgins.

2. Don’t forget stretching

Dr. Higgins said, besides warming up, don’t forget to stretch muscles before and after doing exercises in the gym. Warming up and stretching will reduce the risk of injury while exercising.” When you warm up, you have to stretch your muscles and hold them for about 15 seconds. You will avoid injury if you do it properly and correctly, “he said.

3. Don’t just one area

When training in the gym, we can do any activity in accordance with the health and fitness targets to be achieved. Similar to exercising at home or outdoors, you can combine various sports fields that you like. So in one day, do not just do the same thing, but do it in turn with other activities.

”Don’t run every day. You will be bored. Try the others and you will enjoy it, “said Dr. Higgins.

Still said Dr. Higgins, don’t forget to do a variety of sports that you can do for body fitness, such as aerobics, strength (resistance) sports, flexibility (including yoga), and balance sports. Likewise, when undergoing strength training, do not just focus on one area of the body such as the arms or chest. Give equal attention to all areas of your body such as abdomen, calves, shoulders, back, and so on.

4. Know the weight of the load, and the correct way to use fitness Equipments

Most people get confuse when they first enter the gym, says Dr. Higgins, but most of them are just afraid to ask for help.”If you don’t know, ask. At the gym there are many people who will help your fitness program with the equipment in the gym, and by asking questions will help you avoid injuries caused by yourself, “said Dr. Higgins.Because they are lazy to ask, beginners who immediately start training with the heaviest weights they can lift. Though it should start from the mildest first. Dr. Higgins advised not to increase weight first in every week, so as not to get injured and get the best benefits from fitness.Most gyms have many officers who are on standby to help you explain how to properly use a particular device, as well as to tell what the function of the device.

5. Know when to rest

You might think that going to the gym every day is good. Yet according to Dr. Higgins, we also need to rest to keep up with the time of exercise because if there is no time to rest, the body and muscles do not have time to recover.

The best gym in The USA:

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  • The Swimming Hole-Asphalt Green
  • Milpitas Star Aquatics & Fitness
  • Air Force Academy Fitness and Sports Center
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  • Mt Scott Community Center & Indoor Pool-Athletic & Swim Club.
  • Symons Recreation Complex

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