Simple Systems In Abdominal Workouts at Home

Are you tired of doing countless sit ups and crunches with no results?

You sounding frustrated, and I can commiserate. You see the reason that most abdominal workouts do not yield results is because of the whole situation is misunderstood by the vast majority of people. Because you can focus on a muscle and increase its size people apply that same logic to their abdominal workouts. The ab workouts that you have been doing are, in fact, building muscle.

However, most people’s problem is that their ab muscles are obscured by a layer of fat and the typical ab workout does not burn enough calories to make a noticeable difference. Remember, to burn a single pound of fat you must burn 3,500 calories.

That is a tremendous amount of effort when you consider that the average person’s only burns 2,000 calories in an average day. Also, take into consideration that, to see your abs, you must be below 10% body fat if you are a man and 16% body fat if you are a woman

abdominal workouts at home

Just because of the abdominal muscles are smaller, doesn’t mean they don’t need adequate time to recover. Without 48 hours rest, the muscle is being overworked and the routines become counterproductive. Do the same thing for your abs. Some routines should incorporate weights.

 Now, you are starting to realize the underlying situation, and just why most people fail to meet their goals when it comes to getting a great set of abs. So what is a person to do? Start lifting weights. Yes, I know it sounds crazy because most people gravitate to running or other cardio exercises to burn calories.

However, lifting weights have a number of benefits the most important of which it builds muscle and burns fat. The more muscle a person has the fatter that person will burn throughout the day simply because their body will have to work harder to carry that muscle. Depending on what exercises you do lifting weights can have an even greater impact on your abs.

Because your abs stabilize your body during physical effort exercises like the clean, and jerk, dumb bell swings, renegade rows and others actually work your abs while you are working other parts of your bodies. These exercises also serve to increase your metabolism for days after so that you are constantly burning away calories.

So, you can get down to the appropriate body fat percentage to see your abs. You want to do these exercises in a high-intensity interval training format which is using a lower weight and moving from one exercise to another with minimal rest in a circuit fashion. When you are done with the circuit, start over again.

The idea is to do as much work in as short a timed as possible and leave yourself exhausted. Stability ball crunches are shown as 20% more effective, if used properly. This is because your upper body is acting as a resistance. Also remember to cut back on high carb meals, saturated fats, and drink plenty of water for a flat stomach and a defined six-pack.

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